Ensure your Electrical Infrared Inspection Program delivers high value.

Identifying Issues is only half the battle!

A complete infrared inspection is made up of multiple components from start to finish. Each component is key to an effective inspection and realizing the full benefit of the program.

Turnkey Bundle

Our Total Program Turnkey Bundle

Predictive Service provides a complete turnkey solution including electrical infrared inspection, identifying problems, to repair from a professional, licensed electrician. Infrared inspections without the hassle from a true, integrated provider!


  • Coordination and scheduling with the site’s staff and the Predictive Service field team

  • Infrared inspection of the entire electrical system (all components designated by the client)

  • Opening and closing all the electrical panels and enclosures following NFPA 70E safety guidelines

  • Complete inventory list of all assets inspected

  • QR code on all assets for future identification

  • Identification of all thermal problems found and detailed in our ViewPoint® software

  • Analysis and recommended corrective action for all thermal problems

  • Identification of all compliance or visual issues found

  • Professional Licensed Electricians to repair all identified thermal problems and visual issues

  • Update all corrective actions performed and close out of problems in the ViewPointsystem

  • Complete cost benefit summary of all identified issues, individually and collectively


  • Identification and installation of Infrared View Ports

  • Installation of warning labels to comply with NEC 110.16

  • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis Service  and labeling for all qualifying electrical devices

  • Infrared inspections of mechanical systems and building envelope




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PdM Program Design

Proper design is essential when creating a predictive maintenance (PdM) program. Our PdM Program Design Service empowers you to achieve coverage faster and attain desired results sooner.

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

Our engineering professionals can conduct an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis to determine the amount of energy generated in an arc flash incident and provide the information required to keep your employees working safely.

On Demand Maintenance

Our On-Demand Maintenance program is your dedicated source for facility maintenance services. We become an extension of your staff and a true value-added partner, improving consistency and overall service quality.