Download the 2019 Safety Services Catalog

Safety from arc flash and electrical hazards isn’t solved by compliance alone. A truly safe workplace starts with your employees having the practical knowledge needed to get the job done safely.

We believe in the responsibility to provide a safe environment for each and every person under your roof. SEAM Group was founded as an electrical safety training firm, and our history of comprehensive safety training designed to meet and exceed OSHA and NFPA standards means that you’re in good hands.

The catalog includes:


  • Electrical Safe Work Practices

  • Hands-on Electrical Troubleshooting I & II

  • 70E Plus

  • High Voltage Safety

  • Basic Industrial Electricity I & II

  • Infrared Thermography

  • NEC 2017

NOTE: These materials do NOT take the place of actual qualified worker training by a knowledgeable and experienced trainer. These materials are under copyright to SEAM Group and cannot be duplicated, changed, or manipulated without written authority from SEAM Group. By downloading these materials, you have agreed to hold harmless SEAM Group. This electrical safety poster and handouts are intended to promote, inform, educate, and alert qualified workers and safety professionals about the hazards of arc flash. We encourage you to print multiple copies of these posters and handouts. They are most effective when laminated or inserted in a durable, transparent cover and kept clean and legible.