Right First Time Quality Initiative

Predictive Service PdM Operations is embarking on a quality improvement initiative

that is designed to minimize rework and streamline our processes.

The cornerstone of this initiative is “Right First Time”.


For every process along our service delivery workflow, there is information that intertwines them, from order acceptance, order entry, all the way through to billing.


Mistakes made within the process can result in time consuming rework, quality issues, reporting issues and invoicing problems. In order to eliminate these breakdowns, a detailed level of attention and discipline must be added each and every time. Taking that extra time to ensure we perform each task on our workflow correctly, may slow us down a little, but improves the overall quality both externally and internally resulting in less overall time throughout.

"Right First Time" focuses on these aspects, but is applicable to every task we perform!


  • Order Acceptance – Ensure we have all the correct information, completely understanding & documenting the work scope as sold

  • Order Entry – Accurately enter the information in our backlog, accounting systems and document all client information in ViewPoint

  • Scheduling – Eliminate as much as possible, schedule delays, rework & costly cancellations.

  • Coordination – Timely communication & coordination of work with our internal and external service partners, including work orders or purchase orders to track the work effectively

  • Field Service – Complete understanding of the scope of supply & quality execution to exceed the client’s expectations, including proper escalation when things in the field don’t go as planned. Capture high quality images & properly describe conditions & problems.

  • Paperwork – Completion and submittal of all required documents in a timely manner upon completion of the work performed

  • Quality Assurance – Timely upload & processing of field data, detailed review of findings, resulting in high quality reports within our promised  time frame

  • Order closeout – Proper tracking of the work performed, entered into ViewPoint and the accounting system for accurate, timely billing


I challenge everyone inside our organization to help us with this quality initiative and provide feedback along the way. To make this part of our culture, we need everyone’s sincere commitment and support to this process. Taking short cuts, performing work without a complete understanding of the scope, understanding the customers and bypassing our rules, are a thing of the past.


John Pucillo

Executive Vice-President of Global PdM Operations