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In a world of Infinite Possibilities, there is no Space for the Impossible.

Mark Desvaux

Do you struggle to find the right vendor?
  • Too slow or unresponsive
  • Lacks professionalism or quality
  • Does not have all the skilled trades we require
  • Cannot handle project management or roll-outs
  • Cannot service all of my locations cost effectively


Predictive Service turns seemingly impossible problems in high quality solutions! With more than 10 years of experience combining technical capabilities and advisory services, Maintenance Solutions is a perfect example of how Predictive Service's diverse knowledge and expertise yields added value for its clients

We are a total solutions provider of turnkey electrical repair, lighting repair, and project roll-out services, plumbing, handyman, painting, signage repairs and HVAC.
We oversee a network of more than 5,000 pre-qualified technicians operating under oversight by licensed professionals to deliver high-quality service at a very competitive price point.