Transforming preventive maintenance strategies for higher reliability and efficiency

PM Optimization

95% of PM’s are loaded with significant opportunity for both greater effectiveness and labor gains

While the average PM program is treated with high priority and invests many valuable labor hours, a majority are not as effective as intended while still fighting high levels of reactive maintenance and cost.


The numbers don’t lie – PM Optimization delivers results:
  • 15% Elimination of tasks which provide no value

  • 80% Increase in more objective and data driven PM

  • 40% Reduction of maintenance labor hours 

  • 50% Increase of required PM task coverage 

  • 35% Reduction in scheduled downtime hours for operations


Why Optimization?

Beyond frequency (where many believe the problem resides), limitations can be found throughout the entire program; from how the PM’s were created, copied, scheduled, subjectively executed, to the slowly-evolving program development. And then there are the problems with the tasks themselves.



PM Optimization is a top priority because of these common issues:
  • Too many breakdowns and hearing “We just PM’d this”

  • Emotional decisions add more layers to the PM

  • Making equipment available for PM

  • Taking the machines down to provide uptime

  • Changing parts that are still good

  • Having many problems coming “out” of a PM


How to fix the PM program and solve these glaring problems?

What if there was a process to completely overhaul the PM’s where all waste is removed, gaps are filled, addressing failure prevention at the component level and all tasks are pushed to the highest level of optimization, freeing up valuable labor hours? Good news...


Predictive Service’s robust process of eliminating what is not required, optimizing current activities and supplementing tasks to address gaps, takes your PM program to best-in-class status.


Our total approach towards PM Optimization expands the focus beyond task optimization to a total program approach ensuring overall system change. The PM Optimization solution contains enhanced, proven tools that bring a new approach to an old problem. The tools and training are assembled, following our proven model for continuous improvement. Gaining control of your PM program requires a process not an activity.

Achieve better PM maintenance results with SEAM Group.

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  • Defining a business case, bringing awareness and focus
  • Reliability Snapshot
  • PM Optimization Awareness Workshop
  • Quantitative exercises to measure where you are
  • PMO Initial Model
  • Strategy Development
  • Component Library Development
  • Maintenance & Reliability Metrics Workshop
Step 3:  IMPROVE   
  • Tactical implementation of boots-on-the-ground experts with tools & training
  • Turnkey or partnership-based rollout and delivery of PM Optimization across asset classes
Step 4:  CONTROL
  • Systems and tools to ensure sustainability for continued growth
  • RCFA
  • FMEA
  • MRO Optimization
  • Value Stream Mapping

Learn more: Steps to PM Optimization



Reliability Baselining

Compare the current state of your maintenance program and processes to available benchmarks and best practices. Predictive Service’s Baselining quantifies and validates performance gaps so improvement initiatives can be scoped and a business case developed.

Reliability Snapshot

Looking to improve your reliability strategy and tired of “fighting fires?” With Predictive Service’s Reliability Snapshot, you gain access to our unique, blended approach to evaluation that assesses your areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Maintenance e-Learning

e-Learning is a series of training modules available for PM and Workflow Optimization.