We become an extension of your staff and a true value-added partner, improving consistency and overall service quality.


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On-Demand Maintenance

On-Demand Maintenance Should be a Priority

No matter what your area of responsibility, reducing operating cost and concentrating resources on core revenue-generating activities is always a priority. To realize success in this initiative, outsourcing facility maintenance functions to a single-source provider to minimize complexities and maximize cost savings is a compelling option. Many companies handle facility maintenance through local or regional providers, but a nationwide provider can help streamline invoicing and leverage buying power. Just because a provider has an expansive footprint does not mean they are any less dedicated to you. In fact, the best nationwide providers become an extension of your staff and a true value-added partner, improving consistency and overall service quality. SEAM Group is one such partner.


SEAM Group's On-Demand Maintenance program is your dedicated resource to professionally manage your for on-demand facility maintenance services across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands. Our local resource partners are fully credentialed, licensed, compliance certified, and focused on providing flexibility to meet your objectives and budget needs.  We professionally manage local resource partners for increased control, accountability and reporting. The end result is reduced overall cost for facility maintenance. SEAM Group can assist with coordinating and managing a wide variety of maintenance projects, including:


  • Electrical

  • Lighting

  • Signage

  • Plumbing

  • General repairs/handyman

  • Preventive maintenance programs

  • Capital improvements

  • National roll-outs

  • Store closings/dark stores

  • 24-hour emergency and on-demand service 

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  • Substantial reduction in administrative complexity

  • Increased control, accountability & reporting

  • Improved consistency and service quality

  • Service level agreement (SLA) improvement

  • Proven, experienced project management

  • Pricing - volume aggregation

  • Reduced overall cost of services

  • Flexibility to meet varying program objectives & budget

  • Brand protection

  • Turn-key service approach for increased control


SEAM Group has the expertise and experienced professionals to help you meet your maintenance goals.

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Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

Our engineering professionals can conduct an Arc Flash Hazard Analysis to determine the amount of energy generated in an arc flash incident and provide the information required to keep your employees working safely.


Infrared Inspections

Electrical and Mechanical systems fail gradually. Detect problems early with infrared inspection services to minimize risk and cost, while maximizing productivity.


Energy Audits

Understanding your building's operational and energy needs is crucial to reducing overall energy consumption. Our engineering professionals offer energy audits and assessments to develop a plan for improvement, renovations or upgrades.