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Note from our President:

February 2016

Predictive Service assists Case Western Reserve University with their Senior Engineering Project

Case Western Reserve a local university in Cleveland Ohio, has an annual project for senior engineering students. The project typically consist real-world problems in industry that the students analyze and design a corrective action or solution. Local company help mentor student as they progress through the projects and evaluate the end product. This year, members of the Predictive Service staff have developed a reliability based initiative for the student to work on using campus HVAC equipment. Assisted by members of our EAM consulting service team, the project team will perform the data collection of equipment information, PM and work history and failure data for critical assets within the chilled water and heating systems. Once data collection portion is complete, the students will perform failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) of each system with the outcome goal of designing an optimized maintenance strategy for piece of equipment. The project ends with the student presenting their proposed solutions to the Predictive Service’s EAM consultants for evaluation. In addition to the learning opportunities, the university will get new maintenance plans for critical HVAC systems.


This project helps us at Predictive Service support local higher education and the community but equally important, helps Predictive Service further its mission of improving maintenance and reliability. Exposing reliability based techniques to engineering students who will make up the industrial work force in the upcoming years, will hopefully provide the basis for new optimization and reliability ideas to a younger work force. It has been our pleasure to help mentor students as they begin to enter the work force and introduce them to new idea and concepts in engineering.    


Don Frankel