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Note from our President:

October 27, 2015 


As a global leader in providing engineering, maintenance, reliability and sustainability solutions, Predictive Service realizes that one of the most important results of our efforts is a safe working environment for our clients and our own employees. With the holidays rapidly approaching, I am getting into the spirit – operationally speaking, of course – and would like to offer a friendly reminder for safety in and around the home during the hustle and bustle of this wonderful time of the year.


Decorating Safety

  • When displaying a tree, cut off about two inches off the trunk and put the tree in a sturdy, water-holding stand. Keep the stand filled with water so the tree does not dry out quickly.

  • Only use indoor lights indoors (and outdoor lights only outdoors). Look for the UL label. Check lights for broken or cracked sockets, frayed or bare wires, and loose connections. Use no more than three light sets on any one extension cord.

  • When putting up holiday decorations, always use the proper step stool or ladder to reach high places. Don’t stand on chairs, desks or other furniture. When climbing, keep your hips between the side rails and do not lean too far or overreach. Reposition the ladder closer to the work instead.

  • Use ladders with slip-resistant feet and wear clean, dry and slip-resistant shoes when climbing a ladder.

  • Be prepared for emergency situations on the road by having a winter “survival kit” in the vehicle including items such as, a working flashlight, extra batteries, reflective triangles, compass, first aid kit, exterior windshield cleaner, ice scraper and snow brush.

However, when the lights come down, the trees are tossed and the menorahs are put away, we are still focused on the processes that make an operation run optimally and safely. While in the work environment, our professionals are trained and equipped to utilize best practices in safety including NFPA-70E and OSHA guidelines. We report any potential safety hazards or equipment issues to our clients, so they can address them to ensure the safety of their employees. We offer assessments, arc flash hazard analysis, electrical infrared inspections and other engineering services all supporting improved reliability and risk mitigation.

While safety doesn’t break for the holidays, I would like to offer my best wishes to you and your family for a safe and happy holiday season.

Happy Holidays and a Safe New Year!

Donald Frankel