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Matt Setzekorn Adds BEAP Certification to Resume

Sept 08, 2014


Predictive Service, a global leader in providing engineering, maintenance, reliability and sustainability solutions, is excited to announce that Matt Setzekorn, President of Energy and Engineering Solutions, is now certified by ASHRAE as a Building Energy Assessment Professional (BEAP).


Mr. Setzekorn has already achieved the ASHRAE Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP) Certification, which verifies an individual’s ability to model new and existing buildings and systems with a full range of physics. Now, as a newly certified BEAP, Mr. Setzekorn has demonstrated his capabilities for auditing and analyzing residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Mr. Setzekorn is one of the very few who are certified as both a BEAP and BEMP.


With the addition of the Building Energy Assessment Professional Certification, Predictive Service’s staff continue to demonstrate excellence in Energy expertise. Maintaining the BEMP & BEAP ASHRAE Certifications shows an individual has met rigorous eligibility requirements and passed an examination measuring their understanding of the respective body of knowledge.


ASHRAE’s BEAP and BEMP Certifications exemplify Predictive Service’s commitment to offer more expertise in the field of sustainability than nearly any other provider. ASHRAE is already the cornerstone of the world’s leading green building standard. Development of ASHRAE’s bEQ (Building Energy Quotient) will provide an alternative path for recognition for energy efficiency, as well as help pave the way for clients’ to maximize resources and improve efficiency.