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Asset Reliability through Maintenance Efficiency

October 2015


A unique approach to unlock the capacity you already own - As maintenance and reliability professionals, we are being asked to deliver like never before. Today’s economic conditions demand greater levels of reliability and increased maintenance productivity with an ever-increasing focus on reducing costs. In order to survive, an organization’s plans must turn to optimizing maintenance capacity as a means to achieve their goals.             


Continuous improvement processes such as lean and its tools have been the methods of choice for most organizations over the past 10 years. Although the business sides of these companies realize tremendous improvements, many maintenance processes are left to be a part of someone else’s lean event or simply made “leaner.” There’s no doubt the maintenance process eventually will be targeted for change through the revelation that maintenance cannot keep up with the reliability demand of a leaned organization, thereby becoming a victim of lean. On the other hand, a savvy organization can choose to proactively apply lean tools to improve its process by design.

What exactly is lean maintenance?


Quite simply, lean maintenance is the application of lean techniques and tools to the maintenance process to drive out waste (anything within your process the end user would not be willing to pay for). The challenge is converting or translating already-known elements of lean into the maintenance process. The most common elements of lean can be applied to any process, including maintenance.


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