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March 2018

New Field Service badges for PdM field resources

Predictive Service, a global leader in predictive maintenance (PdM) services, has develop the means for clients to instantly access information pertaining to the PdM field resources that service their facilities. It has been a long-standing policy for Predictive Service to provide badges for those who service our clients. Wearing a standard uniform and badge shows Predictive Service’s commitment to not only provide high quality, experienced service people but those who look professional in any workplace.
A recent redesign to the Predictive Service badge included adding a unique QR code specific to the individual. Scanning the code with a mobile device, takes the client to a dedicated summary page for that service person. The information provided includes current qualifications, certifications, safety records and training history. This technology is made available through a third-party safety management system utilized by Predictive Service whereby all information about each employee is housed, tracked and analyzed by the management team.
Safety and quality management systems at Predictive Service is unparalleled. We never want to have our clients wonder about our commitment to provide high quality PdM services that is delivered by top in their field providers. The new QR systems will allow our clients to realize that commitment as well.