Comprehensive Services with Unsurpassed Accuracy

Mid Atlantic Infrared Services specializes in predictive Maintenance testing utilizing a variety of instruments to determine when and where a fault is developing. We accomplished this while all equipment is under normal operation. Our predictive testing service will pinpoint specific faults long before the failure occurs. Our service will permit orderly, planned repairs, avoid the cost of unnecessary repairs and virtually eliminate the extreme costs of catastrophic equipment failure and unplanned production outages.

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Why our services will work for you.


Rapid payback of survey costs: 

Finding one deficiency often pays back the cost of our testing service.


Dramatically reduced maintenance costs: 

Cost savings of up to 80% may be realized through predictive testing.


Substantially improved fault detection: 

Predictive testing will identify far more developing faults.


Complete “on-line” testing: 

Facility operations and plant production are never interrupted.


Our services:        


  • Infrared testing of electrical switch gear, motor control centers, transformers, panels, UPS equipment and others, Investigation of code and safety concerns, harmonics and power quality issues.      

  • Vibration testing of all rotating equipment including pumps, fans, chillers, compressors, cooling towers and others.      

  • Ultrasonic testing of high voltage electrical equipment, rotating equipment, steam traps and others.      

  • Clear, concise, reporting.



Since 1981, Mid Atlantic Infrared Services has gained a wealth of experience in all aspects of diagnostic testing. This experience is unsurpassed in the industry and is available to you on every project we undertake. Several key features and benefits of our approach to testing are described below.


Our service is comprehensive

Our unique achievements in providing comprehensive test products is demonstrated in our predictive testing service. In one visit, we undertake complete testing of all electrical and rotating equipment. There is no need to deal with several vendors to accomplish all of your testing needs.

We provide unsurpassed diagnostic accuracy

We have developed numerous verification checks to ensure that our diagnoses are always correct. As a result of our unique electrical verification tests, we can identify problem causes rather than merely point out hot spots. Loose connections, fault components, overloads and other problems can produce identical infrared patterns. Our vibration testing is supplemented with spectral ultrasound, current signature analysis and ODS testing. Only with our verification tests can the actual problem cause be identified.


Our instruments are the best available

We maintain the latest available instrumentation. Our infrared instruments are small and extremely portable, the 256 color images provide unsurpassed image quality. Our vibration instruments combine fast data acquisition, numerous advanced analytical capabilities and comprehensive, computer based analysis. Our ultrasonic instruments offer high sensitivity, tunable frequency and quantitative capability. These features permit us to identify a wide variety of problems even under adverse conditions. Our instruments are complemented by all the accessories required to get the job done. From lenses, to sensors, to metering instruments, we have everything necessary to obtain the best analysis of the available data.


Our reports

We assure that decision makers receive critical information fast. Our clear report formats ensure that even complex problems will be understood by your maintenance staff.



We are an independent testing organization. We do not sell equipment or repairs. Thus, our only interest is in providing the best possible testing services for our clients.