Our experts, utilizing the latest lighting technologies, designs holistic changes to your facility for unmatched return on your investment.

Lighting Solutions

Lighting accounts for up to 35 percent of electricity use in a building. Lighting as an important system to manage and is an easy place to minimize inefficiencies and cost in your operations. No matter what type of building or facility, addressing your lighting systems will improve visual quality and employee quality of their work environment. With proper design and ongoing maintenance, lighting improvements will pay for themselves. Since all energy systems are related, an upgrade to lighting will affect other areas. For example, reducing lighting wattage usage will reduce heat generation, and minimize cooling bills. 


How We Can Help

Predictive Service utilizes the latest lighting technologies and provides the expertise you need to comprehend what it takes to make holistic changes to your facility for unmatched return on your investment.

Our experienced team has multiple accreditations and offer superior lighting and control services:


  • Lighting & control design

  • Lighting audits & optimization

  • Commissioning

  • Tax incentives & rebates

  • LEED® & GSA lighting compliance

  • Daylight simulation & autonomy

  • ROI analysis for lighting solutions

  • Lighting retrofits

  • Exterior lighting design

  • Parking deck & site lighting retrofit

  • Comprehensive report, including a plan for corrective actions

  • Turnkey proposal to complete all necessary recommendations


  • Tax incentives & rebates

  • Reduce your lighting energy use 

  • Lower operating costs

  • Improve building aesthetics


Take the first step to upgrade your lighting with a lighting assessment, contact us today.

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Managed Project Roll-Outs

There are many challenges and headaches in managing projects. From a single facility to nationwide, the challenges increase dramatically.  Predictive Service specializes in the project management and delivery of your national roll-out. 

Energy Audits

Understanding your building's operational and energy needs is crucial to reducing overall energy consumption. Our engineering professionals offer energy audits and assessments to develop a plan for improvement, renovations or upgrades.

Engineering Services

Predictive Service offers engineering services that include a unique expertise in the built environment, bringing a comprehensive approach to meeting both facility and operational needs.