Infrared Thermography


See the Unseen with an Infrared Inspection

Electrical failure is a leading cause of fires in all types of facilities. Whether due to a pending failure or some other issue, your assets can quickly begin to generate excess heat, creating the risk of fire, injury, and numerous other problems. Left unaddressed, these risks will inevitably become problems that can lead to employee injuries or fatalities, insurance spikes and workers compensation claims, and overall asset downtime and repair/replacement costs.
Detecting these issues early with infrared technology minimizes these risks and helps you avoid excess costs while maximizing productivity. Infrared Inspection is a proven, non-destructive approach for the early detection of impending failures in electrical and mechanical systems. Proactive infrared inspection reduces risks, increases operational safety, and bolsters efficiency.

Our Approach to Infrared Inspection Services

At SEAM Group, our comprehensive process is the best approach to ensure your infrared inspections are done the right way, every time:

  • A detailed inventory of all your assets is created
  • OEM data is collected where available/accessible
  • QR codes with unique ID numbers are applied to each asset
  • A visual inspection is conducted to identify asset-specific issues
  • Infrared thermography is conducted to identify thermal problems
  • Data is loaded into ViewPoint and ViewPoint On-Demand for viewing

Once loaded into ViewPoint, all the data you need to take action on your infrared inspection becomes available. The results of your inspection are viewable, repair actions can be updated, asset histories are accessible, results can be benchmarked, program savings are tracked (including energy), and additional reporting functions can be used.

T-Max Heat Curve Calculation

T-Max is patented software that uses a heat curve calculation to confirm the severity of thermal problems discovered during your infrared inspection. Capturing this data allows us to forecast the impact of problems discovered at different equipment loads, giving you insight into urgency and other data points needed to prioritize asset maintenance and repair. It’s an advanced solution that provides unprecedented, actionable data for you and your team to use to protect your assets and people.


Infrared Inspection Windows

If critical assets are skipped during a routine infrared inspection, the ability to achieve complete electrical system coverage is reduced.

SEAM Group’s quality control team focuses on addressing skipped assets with engineered IR Window solutions. Infrared windows provide the required access for the inspection without compromising safety or program effectiveness.

SEAM Group’s IR Windows allow safe monitoring of inaccessible equipment

Complying with regulatory standards such as OSHA, NFPA 70E, CSA Z462, and similar electrical safety mandates by using closed-panel inspection methods. Infrared (IR) Windows allow workers to perform an infrared inspection of electrical components while keeping energized electrical equipment closed, and in “normal operating condition.”

Closed-panel inspections eliminate inherently high-risk tasks, such as removing panels or opening hinged doors, making infrared inspections safer for personnel, plant assets, and processes.


Protect Your Assets and People

Our mission is to create a safer, more reliable world, and a key part of that objective is identifying issues present in your assets before they become costly, safety-threatening problems. Whether you’re due for an infrared inspection in your facilities or you want greater confidence in your asset management partner, our team is ready to serve. We currently work with more than 500 clients around the world to address their asset safety, reliability, and maintenance challenges, and we’re ready to work with you.

Contact us to learn more about our infrared inspection capabilities.