MRO Inventory Optimization

inventory optimization

Comprehensive Analysis and Support for Program Success

SEAM Group assists more than 500 clients in multiple industries around the world with maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) inventory optimization efforts. Leveraging our One SEAM, One Solution approach to solving your most complex asset safety, reliability, and maintenance challenges, our team members are experts in helping you build a best-in-class program that ensures you have the materials and strategy in place to increase uptime, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

Our Inventory Optimization Capabilities and Approach

As your asset management partner, we’ll support you with a variety of MRO, supply chain, and inventory optimization services that include:

  • Managing item master file (IMF) records
  • Inventory process and material management
  • Best practices for MRO stores management
  • Bill of materials (BOM) analysis
  • Supply chain optimization solutions
  • Integrated supply solutions

We have developed a proven approach that takes into account your organization’s current MRO situation. Whether no MRO inventory optimization approach exists, your strategy is only partially implemented or has limited electronic tools, or you’re already using advanced tools for inventory optimization, we’ll work with you to identify opportunities, evaluate return potential, and evaluate program costs. In every MRO project, we provide the support to identify opportunities, implement effective solutions, forecast savings, and measure long-term performance — all so your asset management program has the MRO inventory foundation it needs to achieve true success.

Put Our Inventory Expertise to Work

At SEAM Group, our mission is to create a safer, more reliable world. MRO inventory optimization is critical to achieving that objective for your business. By ensuring your valuable assets have the necessary parts and service readily available — without being over-invested or struggling with downtime due to ordering and other challenges — your business can realize substantial savings in multiple areas.

Our team is ready to support you with your inventory goals. Whether you’re looking to build a more effective MRO strategy, or you already have an inventory strategy in place and want to validate its performance, we’re ready to work with you.

Contact us today to learn more about our inventory and MRO capabilities.