An Integrated Approach to Energized Asset Optimization

At SEAM Group, we’re committed to creating a safer, more reliable world. We work with companies across the world, inspecting more than 2,000,000 pieces of equipment annually. Achieving our goal begins with our integrated approach of safety, reliability, and maintenance to helping companies worldwide solve their greater asset challenges. To support this effort, we offer a full range of highly specialized and proven asset management services in three areas of focus:

No other asset management services provider offers such an all-encompassing approach to safety, reliability, and maintenance. In addition to managing all of these services for you, each line of service is fully supported by certified professionals with significant individual experience in multiple industries as well as advanced, patented technology platforms that provide unprecedented analytics and insights into your assets and facilities.

The key advantage of our approach is that all aspects of your asset management services are managed by a single provider, executed by a single team focused on your success, and evaluated in a single portfolio of technology systems accessible to you and your team. It truly is our One SEAM, One Solution approach.

From building the strategy for your asset management program and consulting with your team on best practices to identifying asset-related hazards such as arc flashes and combustible dust and providing installation and repair services for assets and facilities alike, we’ll serve as your trusted asset management partner for long-term success. The result? Improved utilization, enhanced performance, and greater reliability with reduced capital and operating costs.

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