Detect issues and removes unnecessary cost with building systems commissioning.

Building Commissioning

A properly commissioned building can reduce operating costs by 20 percent. The Building Commissioning process is a systematic review of building systems to confirm they were installed and operating as designed or in accordance with your requirements. It is an inclusive and systematic process to optimize the operation of your all equipment, systems and how the systems function together. 

There are two main types of Building Commissioning:
New Construction

Proper operation and design inherently lead to a more efficient and easier-to-maintain facilities. Commissioning ideally begin in the design phase of a new or renovated building. They are often a cornerstone for Green Building Certifications. Operation and maintenance start-up activities and diagnostic testing are primarily used to verify operation of the building systems, and to ensure the systems are operating at their intended set-points. 

Existing Buildings

After a period of occupancy, buildings typically go through operational and possibly even use changes. Existing Building Commissioning, also known as Retro-Commissioning, can help you confirm the systems were installed and operate as originally designed, and to evaluate whether they meets the needs of your current operations. Building Retro-Commissioning begins with an energy audit.

One of the primary benefits is that it reduces energy and maintenance costs by balancing, adjusting, and/or replacing building systems and equipment to efficiently meet the operational needs of the facility.


How We Can Help

Our experts focus on analyzing the dynamic energy-using systems with the goal of reducing energy waste, obtaining energy cost savings, and identifying and correcting deficiencies. It is a quality management approach that provides better performance and reduced operating cost, quantified through cost analysis modeling. We implement Commissioning programs focused on all of a building’s energy-related systems, including:

  • Heating & Cooling Equipment

  • Air Handling Equipment

  • Electrical & Lighting

  • Plumbing & Piping

  • Building Envelope & Aerial Infrared


  • Improve performance of building equipment and building systems interactions

  • Increase energy efficiency

  • Reduce operation & maintenance costs

  • Improve indoor air quality, occupant comfort & productivity

  • Reduce risk to building owner


Whether your building is new or old, Building Commissioning can help to ensure energy-related systems are operating as desired. To engage our Commissioning experts at or to learn more, contact us today.

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