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At Avendra, our procurement solution encapsulates years of best practices, proven supply chain expertise

and unmatched customer service.  We leverage the buying power of our customers to negotiate the best deals

with key suppliers. 


Avendra & SEAM Group Partnering to Enhance your Guest's Experience


The SEAM Group Advantage; We utilize a proven technology, combined with expert services and management tools, ensuring your facility and the performance of systems within are in peak condition. As the world leader in electrical infrared, predictive maintenance programs and facility maintenance for the hospitality industry, we provide the peace of mind knowing your facilities are safe and comfortable for your guests,

Property managers search for reliable solutions for reducing the risk of electrical fires while ensuring systems such as lighting, entertainment,

food preparation and HVAC continue to function effectively and achieve results that impact the bottom line.


SEAM Group is a global organization with an extensive network to service your locations around the world, offering a variety of best practices and services.


Infrared Inspection is a proven, non-destructive technology for early detection of impending failures in electrical and mechanical systems.

Proactive infrared inspections provides the ability to predict impending failures by identifying and repairing thermal anomalies within the system. Additionally, performing an infrared inspection can reduce the facility’s energy consumption, making the property safe and efficient. Learn more



Our On-Demand Maintenance Program is your dedicated source for facility maintenance services. We become an extension of your staff and a true value-added partner, improving consistency and overall service quality. Outsourcing your facility maintenance to a single-source provider will minimize complexities and maximize cost savings. 



Western & Canada & Southwest, Southeast & CARMECA

Contact Dan Cohen
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Midwest & Northeast

Contact Alec Sakenes
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Northeast Territory #16 & Back-up

Contact Ralph DeLisio

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Back-up #2

Contact Mark Mollison
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